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Natasha – Nairobi

I have felt your Tears falling on my face.

Someone might think they are tears of sadness, because of what I can’t do. I know, those tears pour from your Heart out of gratitude for me because of what i CAN do:I love everyone in the purest form possible. Unconditionally.

I can be judged but can never judge in return.

I know different because i feel in your hugs & kisses that I am perfect just the way I am.

I have seen you hang your head down in shame when we go out. People might think you are ashamed of having a child like me. but I know you are ashamed of grown-ups who ignore me yet happily talk to all the other children. The grown-ups who won’t look you in the eye but stare at me when they think you don’t see. I know different because i have seen the many, many more times you have raised your head up high, with pride because I am yours.

I have heard you whisper desperate prayers at night. People might think you are asking God to make me a typical kid, but I know, you are thanking him that I got to be here:with you, for another day, exactly how I am. I know. Because I have heard you asking me never to leave you. and I have heard you cheer for me every single day of my life – you tell me I don’t have to be typical to be amazing. i just need to be here.

I know you have a BiG job, taking care of me.

I know your body hurts, because I am getting so big.

I know that more than anything, you want to hear me say your name.

And I know that you worry that you aren’t good enough, and that you will fail me.


I know that even on your worst days, you will always be enough for me, and I will always love you more than you know.

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