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Medical Assessment day, Ability Therapy Place 13.10.23

On 13th October 2023, we held a medical assessment day at Ability Therapy Place.

Over 50 families seen by our Doctor friends:
▪️Dr Gachara cardiologist
▪️Dr P Amolo endocrinologist
▪️Dr Cleo Mutua neonatologist
▪️Dr Muthoka ENT
▪️Dr Kagendo Khagunyo opthamologist
▪️Dr Kimani cardiologist
▪️Sarah Ndegwa audiologist
▪️Dr Osawa Urologist
▪️Dr Imran Khares Paedetrican
▪️Dr Malenje Evans ENT
▪️Dr Moses Kimani Ortho surgeon

Group and individual counselling was provided by Famhope psychotherapy and consultancy company

Rockefeller Foundation representatives choose to have their day of service with us on the day.

We continue being grateful to our partners and support

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