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Lily – Nairobi


Munene was born on 4th December 2014. Being the only boy child in the family of 3, his birth was an exciting thing and everyone doted on him and showered him with lots of love. Little did we know that he had brought more than gender equity into our family..He had come with an extra chromosome! Munene has been a blessing to us!

He has opened doors to interact with people we never would have interacted with and change the community a day at a time.  He crawled at 12 months,  had 3 teeth at 16 months, walked at 2 years and is currently trying to talk at 5 years. We are looking forward to many more hits on the milestones which we take a day at a time.

I want to be part of the change for this forgotten community that our son represents & being a VOICE is a great step towards this?

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