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Jedida – Homabay

My name is Jedida, a mother to a 4-year-old Enos. He  is third born and has 4 siblings.  Having struggled for several years after family planning to get a baby, news of down syndrome was a bitter pill to chew. Reality dawned when the boy had a heart failure at 6 weeks, and we had to struggle to save his life.

It has been a long journey starting from non-functional thyroid gland, open heart surgery and delay in developmental milestones.

Today, we celebrate his speech, education in a regular school: counting 1_20, reading sounds a_z, struggling with 21_99 skipping in between. His ability to recognize animals in flash cards is amazing.

The journey is never bread and butter. Patience, understanding, endurance and following doctor’s and therapist instructions is the key to our success.

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