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Volunteers needed

T21FSO has created an amazing platform for volunteers to learn more about Down syndrome, make new friends and create a positive impact for many of our family members within our communities.


The benefits of volunteering with T21FSO are enormous; Not only will you have the opportunity to improve the lives of an amazing group of children, but there is so much room to develop skills and make contacts with T21FSO members & our event sponsors.

Our organisation understands how busy ones schedule can get, and that is why we have come up with a couple of ways for you to volunteer at your convenience.

  • Volunteers can help spread the word on their social media platforms; One can create awareness about T21 FSO & our events within Whatsapp chat groups or status, share information on their blogs and blogs, and share info on T21FSO merchandise. All proceeds from the merchandise go towards helping children in need within the organisation.
  • Volunteers will have the opportunity to interact with children/adults and educate families during T21FSO social events.
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