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Dear parents

Sincere CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of your baby! May the baby grow up bright and healthy.

Have you been told your child has down syndrome and you wonder what that means?

You are not alone

Down Syndrome is a genetic condition resulting from 3 copies of the 21st Chromosome instead of the typical 2 chromosomes.

The condition is represented by 2 colours yellow and blue. So welcome to our beautiful world where Yellow meets Blue..

What you need to do

Things to take care of and look out for:

  • Rule out heart defects.
  • Take Thyroid tests They are important for brain, long bone and muscle development.
  • Visit ENT to check for adenoids (esp with those frequent infections, stridor (noisy breathing) & poor-quality sleep).
  • Take hearing test to rule out
  • Occupational therapy to manage hypotonia.
  • Eye tests to rule out visual impairment: refractive errors, cataracts etc.
  • Speech therapy for the older babies.
  • Check for Dental cavities, hypodontia.
  • Check for Iron deficiency
  • Gastro problems i.e. constipation, belly aches, and celiac disease due to gluten intolerance from wheat and wheat products.
  • Undescended testis and have them brought down if they dont descend voluntarily.
  • Treat rickets if present
  • Apply for a disabilities card to receive disability relevant NHIF benefits.

Any of the above could affect your child’s milestones so be aware, for best developmental and overall health management.

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